Tape wrapping for pipes, adhesive tapes and associated products

Petrotape petrolatum pipe wrapping tape


Product name: Petrotape

Product code: PT1000

Product description: Petrolatum impregnated cloth tape. A synthetic cloth carrier impregnated with petroleum jelly, fillers and corrosion inhibitors.

Other common names: Grease tape, Zock tape, AC tape, PJ tape, Petrotape

Product application: Primarily used to wrap around buried steel pipelines to prevent them from corroding. Used by pipeline contractors, oil refineries, chemical plants, plumbers, maintenance contractors, mines and harbours amongst many others. Also used for temporary water proofing of cables, packaging corrosion protection of machined parts and as part of the Petrotape system to protect flanges, couplings and other irregular pipeline structures.

Colour: Brownish

Sizes: The standard length is 10m and common widths are 25mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm and 300mm, but special sizes can also be done on request.

More Information:The Petrotape pipe wrapping system overview ; The application procedure for straight pipes ; The application procedure for couplings and flanges.

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