Tape wrapping for pipes, adhesive tapes and associated products

 The Petrotape pipe wrapping system

The Petrotape system has been uniquely and specifically designed for the protection of steel and iron piping against corrosion.

PJ system pic

Every year, large amounts of resources are spent on the repair and replacement of leaking and damaged pipes caused by the ever-present danger of corrosion. The properly applied Petrotape pipe wrapping system allows for drastically reduced pipeline maintenance, a longer life span for the pipe and of course the eventually substantial financial savings.

The system can be used to protect both above and below ground piping, flanges, couplings, tees, valves, cable joins, tie rods and in fact most steel objects around which a tape can be applied. Machined steel parts can be wrapped in Petrotape to reduce corrosion during transportation from workshop to end user. Petrotape can be used as a temporary water seal for cables during maintenance and installation operations. Whilst Petrotape is simple to apply and can be done by unskilled labour, it is important that it is correctly applied.

Petrotape is safe to work with as it is non-toxic.

The advantages of the system are:

  • It is easy to use
  • It is extremely flexible over irregular shapes
  • It is cold applied by hand, i.e. no expensive application machinery required
  • Little to no waiting or drying time
  • Safe to use
  • Readily available
  • No cracking and retains shape and properties
  • Decades of service to the industry

 The system consists of the following products:

  1. Petrotape: A petroleum jelly impregnated fabric that is highly impermeable to water and used mainly as a protective anti corrosion wrapping around steel piping. Comes in a roll (tape) form. The tape is normally spirally wound around the pipe with a 50% overlap on each wind. This creates a barrier between the steel surface and the corrosion inducing surrounding air.
  2. Petroprimer: A liquid solution with a petroleum base that improves adhesion of Petrotape to steel surfaces. Note: this product is flammable.
  3. Petropaste: A thick petroleum based paste used as a bedding (primer) for Petrotape in damp conditions or on slightly uneven surfaces. A good alternative for Petroprimer.
  4. Petromastic: A fibre reinforced petroleum based putty that is used to pack around irregular shapes on pipelines such as flanges and couplings. This smoothes out the contour so that Petrotape can be applied on top without leaving pockets of air in difficult to reach corners.
  5. PVC Outerwrap: A non adhesive PVC tape that is often applied over the inner layer of Petrotape. It creates a stronger mechanical barrier which protects the inner layer from damage when back fill is added to buried pipes. It also creates an electrical insulation when this may be necessary as well as preventing the leaching out of petroleum jelly from the inner layer in certain soil types. This wrap is held in place by using an adhesive securing tape at the end of each roll to prevent it from unwinding.


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